About Us

What sounds like fun, plus helps your child with sensory development, co-ordination and the seeds of musicality? Hootenanny!

Little cherubs are natural noisemakers.

Just steer those dimpled hands away from the cat/brother/heirloom crockery and into a Hootenanny kit. Our Hootenanny experts have carefully crafted real musical instruments that are good for little-people brains and kind on big-people ears.

Sounds like Montessori? 

Well spotted! Hootenanny instruments use natural materials, open-ended exploratory play and self-accomplishment in the Montessori philosophy. You'll be encouraging a lifelong love of musical learning. Even unpacking and packing the calico storage bag provided with each kit is an opportunity to develop skills and responsibility. 

Australian design to Australian standards.

Hootenanny instruments are designed in Australia to stringent safety standards. Each kit is delivered in an attractive and sustainably produced, fully recyclable cardboard box, ideal for gifting. You can rest assured our kits contain nothing but sound fun and learning for your child. Sounds like a great start!

Timeless and durable.

Hand crafted in delightful-to-handle untreated FSC timber, each Hootenanny instrument has its own unique woodgrain character. The robust, minimalist design will withstand years of use by a succession of little hands. When not being shaken, rattled and rolled each instrument is an attractive decor item to leave on display for spontaneous musical moments.

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